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Mahak Mentoring 2-min

The Background

While there are plenty of workshops centered around screenwriting, directing, and cinematography, one crucial facet often remains in the shadows — color grading. Simply put, in the vibrant tapestry of India’s cinematic landscape, there is a lack of a dedicated learning space for this very artform.

Enter ‘The Colorists Workshop', a pioneering endeavor from India tailored to nurture and refine the talents of aspiring colorists, where we aim to demystify the allure of the darkened color room and unveil its secrets to eager minds.

During the course of this free-of-cost workshop, participants will have the invaluable opportunity to engage directly with seasoned professionals, gain insight not only into the technical intricacies of color grading but also into the collaborative alchemy that transforms images into narratives that resonate deeply.

More than just a training ground, ‘The Colorists Workshop’ is a forum for robust discourse, which provides you with the space to understand how the process is not merely about hues; it's about the interplay of contrasts, the timeless allure of black and white imagery, and above all, the ability to capture the essence of emotion within a scene. We are inviting participants into a space where they can delve deeply into the artistry of storytelling through color, contrast, and emotion.

In the workshop's inaugural year, our co-founders Shyam Bora and Mahak Gupta chose to shine a light on North East India, a decision close to Shyam's heart given his roots in Assam. As we embark on the 2nd edition, our focus turns towards celebrating the talents of women across India. This shift is deeply rooted in Mahak Gupta's personal experiences, where she has grappled with the scarcity of female colorists.

Together, let’s unleash the next generation of colorists and create good cinema by enabling our stories to reveal their true colours. Pun intended.

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Workshop Producers

Shyam Bora


Hailing from Assam in the north-east of India, Shyam is the co-founder of Metanormal Motion Pictures. He is an Independent Consultant and a Resource Person for industry organizations, such as National Film Development Corporation of India, Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Regional Govt. Film and Television Institute among others. He is a Fellow of the Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) and the Buncheon NAFF Fantastic Genre Film School.

Mahak Gupta


Mahak, a Senior Colorist at Bridge PostWorks, earned acclaim for her work on Gamak Ghar (2019) and All That Breathes (2022) which received an Academy Award nomination. Films/series Mahak has graded stream on Netflix, Amazon, Mubi and are screened across global film festivals. Mahak has been conducting color grading workshops at films schools across India. The Colorists Workshop is her way of mentoring aspiring colorists who don’t have access to traditional classrooms.

The Colorists Workshop

Edition 1 (2023)

Shadow Program participant Hawdtsha Baglari (Assam) receiving his certificate of merit from acclaimed filmmaker Varun Grover

The first edition of The Colorist Workshop was held from March to July of 2023, with a focus on talent participation exclusively from the North East of India. 16 participants were selected by a select Jury for the first online phase of the workshop followed by a shadow program where participant Hadwtsha Baglari from Assam trained under Mentors Mahak Gupta and Sidharth Meer for seven days at Bridge PostWorks in Mumbai.

The Workshop concluded with a physical screening of Faraz Ali’s acclaimed film “Shoebox,” which was nominated for Film Light Color Awards 2022 followed by a Q&A session with the film team and a closing ceremony.

Participants Testimonial

"I gained advanced skills, industry recognition and new project opportunities. Expert instruction and hands-on training boosted my confidence and connected me with professionals, elevating my career significantly."
Hadwtsha Balgari
Participant and Shadow Program Winner
"The intensive workshop with industrial experts and mentors like Sid Meer, Mahak Gupta, Shyam Bora, Dirk Meier and others were super engaging. It helped me navigate the intricacies of post production and opened up new avenues and ideas for me."
Meena Longjam

2023 Workshop Highlights

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